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AUD  =  48.9205  INR

AUD - Australian Dollar      AUD  =  48.92052  INR      INR - Indian Rupee

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Remittance AUD to INR Exchange Rates
Company nameCurrencyRate
Ria Money Transfer1 AUD68.43 INR
CurrencyFair1 AUD53.09616 INR
Xendpay1 AUD52.85705 INR
InstaRem1 AUD51.787 INR
TorFX1 AUD51.763 INR
Compass Global Markets1 AUD51.623 INR
Western Union1 AUD51.5208 INR
OrbitRemit1 AUD51.5144 INR
Remit 2 India1 AUD51.44 INR
Transferwise1 AUD51.3984 INR
Kotak1 AUD51.2622 INR
RemitMoney1 AUD51.2276 INR
WorldRemit1 AUD51.22 INR
RemitWisely1 AUD51.0337 INR
XpressMoney1 AUD50.9674 INR
OFX1 AUD50.9291 INR
MoneyGram1 AUD50.8808 INR

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Exchange Rates

Exchange AUD to INR
1 AUD48.92052 INR
5 AUD244.60260 INR
10 AUD489.20520 INR
50 AUD2446.02600 INR
100 AUD4892.05200 INR
250 AUD12230.13000 INR
500 AUD24460.26000 INR
1,000 AUD48920.52000 INR
5,000 AUD244602.60000 INR
10,000 AUD489205.20000 INR
50,000 AUD2446026.00000 INR
100,000 AUD4892052.00000 INR
500,000 AUD24460260.00000 INR
1,000,000 AUD48920520.00000 INR

AUD Currency Details

The Australian dollar (sign: $; code: AUD) is the currency of the Commonwealth of Australia, including Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and Norfolk Island, as well as the independent Pacific Island states of Kiribati, Nauru and Tuvalu. Within Australia, it is almost always abbreviated with the dollar sign ($), with A$ or AU$ sometimes used to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies. It is subdivided into 100 cents. In 2011, the Australian dollar was the fifth most traded currency in the world, accounting for 7.6% of the world's daily share. It trades in the world foreign exchange markets behind the US dollar, the euro, the yen and the pound sterling. The Australian dollar is popular with currency traders, because of the comparatively high interest rates in Australia, the relative freedom of the foreign exchange market from government intervention, the general stability of Australia's economy and political system, and the prevailing view that the Australian dollar offers diversification benefits in a portfolio containing the major world currencies, especially because of its greater exposure to Asian economies and the commodities cycle. The currency is commonly referred to by foreign-exchange traders as the "Aussie dollar".

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Today's Rates: 1/20/2020 12:13:22 PM brought you by RemitRardar
From1 AUD0.73270.630120.5703751.12444.9869313.858739.074481.5023

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